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Is ReloTech Disrupting The Moving Industry?

What is ReloTech?

Moving, it’s something most of us dread doing, yet we do it so frequently. Most noteworthy 16.9 million people moved annually to a different county in 20141. That’s a lot of people and furthermore a lot of headaches!

First of all…Your relocation journey probably started with your realtor showing you multiple houses. In addition, you’ve been involved in bidding wars, and on the wrong end of most of them. However, you’ve just received approval and now you’re stuck in-between the expired option time and your move-in date.

This can be a lonely time window for a new homeowner. Often left on their own with a lot of tasks they may not be very knowledgeable about. Some of these daunting tasks include responsibilities like where do I hire Movers and connect utilities or home services? Not only does it take up valuable time researching which providers are available in your area, but now comes the even further daunting task, connecting all these services and hours wasted talking to call center representatives.

Moving Industry with frustrated movers

How does ReloTech improve the Moving Industry?

With technology increasingly becoming involved in the Moving Industry, it was only a matter of time before someone created an online solution for people moving. As a result, ReloTech (relocation technology), came about in the last decade by bringing an efficient way to streamline the moving process, with this concept gaining tremendous traction in the last few years. Companies like UtilityHound offer a no-cost platform that takes out all the guesswork involved with your move. They have over 500 moving partners nationally and can instantly tell you for your address which providers are available and what the best rates are for Electricity, Internet, TV, and Security.

Is UtilityHound Free?

Most ReloTech companies will set up the services for you at no-cost. Saving you the headache of having to call multiple companies and wasting hours of your time. With UtilityHound’s platform you can easily connect your services in a matter of minutes, great news, right? Most of all, this will free up your time to focus on what really matters… your family, job, and hobbies. A true game-changer in the Moving Industry!

In conclusion, let a ReloTech company handle and plan your move. While you sit back, relax and look like a Rockstar!

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