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Getting ready for that big move? Consider using a ReloTech company like UtilityHound. Moving is a stressful time with lots of moving parts. Between lining up movers, canceling local services, setting up new utility providers, and all the little things in between, it’s easy to forget one key service: changing your address. When you change your address, you’re also starting the process of US Postal service mail forwarding.


Who can benefit from UtilityHound Mail Forwarding

UtilityHound’s services are always available to everyone. Tenants and new homeowners both have access to forwarding their mail with UtilityHound! When you move, it’s impossible to notify everybody, especially with so many things already happening in your life. Bills or personal mail being sent to your old address after you’ve moved can be irritating as well.

When you set up mail forwarding with the USPS through UtilityHound, the post office will forward mail sent to your old address to your new address. This should give you enough time to change your address with utility providers, friends and family, and other places.

How Mail Forwarding works through UtilityHound

At UtilityHound, we’ve made the process easy! First of all, it’s our goal in everything we do to simplify every aspect of your move. Making you look like a Rockstar and allowing you to focus on what’s important. To get started with our mail forwarding feature, simply fill out our Mail Forwarding form, and we’ll handle it from there. As a utility concierge that services the entire United States, we handle all the time-intensive tasks involved with setting up services for your home.


Free Mail Forwarding


Does This Cost Me Money?

When you use the Mail Forwarding services by UtilityHound it’s FREE! In addition, not only is this amazing service free but we’re also saving you money! When you go directly through the USPS there is a $1.00 charge. However, we will cover this charge for you as an added benefit to our customers.


My Mail Forwarding is Set-Up, What Should I Prepare Next with My Move?

In conclusion, you should now feel more comfortable with mail forwarding. The process can be completed online and saves a ton of time. However, there’ still many more tasks that need to be knocked off your to-do list for your move.

At UtilityHound, we pride ourselves in being a top-notch utility concierge nationwide in the ReloTech Industry. We will compare movers and utility providers for you to save you precious time and money. We have connections with all the best utility suppliers in your area and will do all the legwork. The best part is that we do this at no charge to you!

We know you’re excited to get started with our unique utility concierge service, and we’re excited to discuss your needs with you. Most noteworthy, UtilityHound is fast, it’s easy, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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