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How to Get the Best Utility Rates


Many people stay with their current utility providers, not knowing that there could be better rates. Unfortunately, they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to save a lot of money and even qualify for better services.

Our goal at UtilityHound is to educate everyone on their choices when it comes to utility providers. As a top utilities concierge, we partner with all the best utility suppliers throughout the United States. When people contact us needing water, power/gas/electricity, land line phone service, home security systems, and more, we go to work. We will consider your needs, your budget, and other factors, then call utility providers to get the best rate for you. You don’t have to waste time or money, and you’ll save yourself the headache. The best thing about it is that you don’t pay us for anything. Contact us now to learn more!

Here’s how to get the best utility rates for your home.

Shop Around

You might have gotten a good introductory rate when you signed up for your cable provider, but has it gone up since then? The answer is most likely yes. You might feel that you’re stuck with that high rate, but you have options. UtilityHound can look at better rates for you, even with your existing provider!

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Check Them Out Online

One of the best ways to see if people are happy with their utility supplier is to read reviews online. Go to social media, Google the heck out of them, and ask family and friends. You’ll likely start to notice patterns, good and bad. If you know ahead of time what to look out for, you’ll know that you can negotiate a lower rate, or get them to take off a hidden service fee. If you see information about them scamming people or offering less-than-exemplary service (despite the low, low rates they offer), you’re probably not going to have much luck negotiating your way out of superfluous fees.

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Know How to Sign Up

Some utility providers partner with affiliates, as well as utility concierges like UtilityHound, to offer convenient sign-ups. But what you might not know is that you can unlock additional savings by going through these companies. UtilityHound has, in many cases, negotiated even better rates for our clients than are advertised online. These rates are exclusive to those who go through us, so you’re likely to get a pretty amazing deal. By doing your research, you can learn all the other ways to sign up for utilities suppliers and potentially save even more.

Why Use a Utilities Concierge?

In addition to saving you money, we take all the time, headache, and guesswork out of signing up for utilities. Because we’ve formed a relationship with these utilities suppliers, we know which ones will best suit your needs. Not only that, sometimes we’re able to negotiate further to get you a killer deal on your phone, TV, security, or home cleaning package. We’ll even set up appointments with them based on your availability, taking all the stress out of the equation.

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