Find the Best Gas and Electricity Prices in New York

New York offers deregulated electricity, allowing residents to research electric service providers to find the best options for them. But while it might sound like a piece of cake to compare electricity plans, in truth, there are so many moving parts that the process can become a huge pain…and you might not end up getting the best gas and electricity prices in the end. Now you have somebody to go to bat for you: UtilityHound.

We Compare Gas and Electricity Plans

The process starts when you fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Tell us a little about yourself, what your energy needs are, and your budget. We’ll take that information to our deregulated electricity partners to compare the gas and electricity plans they offer, saving you the time and hassle of having to contact all these companies yourself.

We Research the Best Gas and Electricity Prices

You want to save money, plain and simple. We want to help you do that. The deregulated electricity and gas companies we’ve partnered with have, in some cases, provided UtilityHound customers with exclusive savings rates. Additionally, many times, UtilityHound is able to work with gas and electric service providers to negotiate better rates for you!

We Save You on More Than Electric Rates

Now you’re probably wondering what the catch is, and perhaps something along the lines of how this sounds too good to be true. We get it. But there are absolutely no fees charged for using our service. That’s right—we do all of this for you for no charge whatsoever! We’ll even schedule service calls for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to New York or if you’re an existing resident who just wants to save money. UtilityHound is here to help you! We’re looking forward to reaching out to gas and electric providers to get the best rates for you. Fill out the form and get started today!

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