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What is Centerpoint Energy?

If you live in Houston. Chances are you reside in a deregulated energy market. You have likely seen Centerpoint Energy or the word TDSP on Houston Electricity Plans. Or have noticed their trucks operating on power lines in your neighborhood. But who are these guys and what do they do?

Who is Centerpoint Energy? What is TDSP?

Centerpoint Energy is a TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider) that operates in Houston. They have technicians that service across the Houston area. These techs work to maintain and replace damaged power lines. Making sure that their network of millions Texans and miles of power lines safely deliver power to Houston’s electricity plans.

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What Does Centerpoint Energy Do?

Centerpoint Energy provides a variety of services and technologies for their clients. Below are a few of the services residents across Houston utilize from Centerpoint Energy …

Advanced Metering System– Things have advanced since the days of using mechanical electric meters. For those of you confused. Remember the old looking meter box with 5 tickers, spinning dials and numbers, on the side of your house. That’s how electricity used to be recorded. Advancements in technology with a digital meter now record electricity consumed in 15-minute intervals.

This information is then digitally sent to Centerpoint Energy, your REP. It can also be sent to any smart devices the homeowner has that track usage. This gives the homeowner up to the minute information on the electricity being consumed at his residence. It also relieves the need for Centerpoint Energy to send a technician to every house to read meters monthly.

Electricity Transmission– There are many steps that take place between electricity being generated and the use of Houston electricity plans. Centerpoint Energy oversees many of these transmission and distribution processes. When some of these power sources are damaged residents notice power outages.

Centerpoint Energy (TDSP) is the company responsible for coming out to fix the damaged lines and restoring your power. So regardless if you’re using Entrust Energy or Direct Energy as your retail electric provider (REP) for your Houston electricity plans. Centerpoint Energy (TDSP) will always be the ones performing the power outage repair.

Tree Pruning– If your power goes out. Houston electricity plans are not to blame. Outside of some bad lightning strikes to your home or neighborhood’s generator. The number one cause of downed or damaged power lines is due to trees. Centerpoint Energy will regularly check the status of trees in relation to power/distribution lines. If trees need to be trimmed. Centerpoint Energy, operating as the TDSP, will have qualified tree service providers safely trim around the lines without killing the trees.

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