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Home Services Connections and Post Option Period Efficiency

Are you a real estate agent or title agent? Do you offer your new homeowners an efficient way to connect and set up their new home services connections upon closing for their new residence? Post option period efficiency has been lacking for most of the real estate industry. Don’t worry UtilityHound is here to help!

UtilityHound Helps Your Clients Post Option Period

The days of handing your clients a piece of paper with possible home services connections providers can now be a thing of the past! When you hand your client a list of possible service providers. Requiring them on average to call 4-5 home services connections providers. This process can take several hours of their day. With them researching and then having to go through automated systems and call centers to set up services. Often resulting in them being sold products they don’t want or need. Let’s face it…for someone to take 4-5 hours off work to set up their connections…isn’t efficient.

UtilityHound’s a trusted company in the relocation technology industry. Their platform pulls up all the available home services connections at your client’s new address. Their transparent system immediately lets your client know who’s available at their specific address. The new homeowner/tenant can then select which services and plans they want. The best part is that UtilityHound’s system allows the homeowner to directly connect all their home services connections on their platform. Pretty cool, right? No more having to deal with call centers! That’s something we can ALL be happy about. The process gets all the residents home services connections done quickly. Allowing them to focus on what matters the most…their personal lives.

Home Services Connections UtilityHound Connects

UtilityHound has large partnerships with national vendors across the country enabling them to directly connect multiple home services connections. Below are some of the more prominent services they help people moving with:


With a network of over 500+ national movers. They can help you find a licensed and insured mover anywhere in the United States. Their platform allows you to get real-time quotes from several providers. Allowing you to pick the mover that’s right for you!

Internet & TV

Partnered with all the big-name broadband providers allows UtilityHound to offer you the fastest internet options available at your house. UtilityHound’s system allows them to see which internet & TV providers have cable lines in your area. Saving you tons of research time. Once they help you narrow your options down they can connect the services for you instantly.

Home Security Systems

Making sure your home, most likely your biggest investment is protected, is very important. UtilityHound has national partnerships with some of the most trusted names in the industry. Allowing you to customize your options at your household. Shop and learn about multiple state of the art automated features that can be installed into your new home.


Not able to sell bulk items in your pre-move garage sale? Moved too many items and they won’t all fit in your house? No worries! UtilityHound’s platform will shop multiple storage locations around your new home. Allowing you to select the storage sizing, air-conditioned units or not, and what monthly pricing fits your budget.

Rental Insurance

Is your landlord or apartment requiring you to get renter’s insurance prior to moving in? Well, guess what…UtilityHound also helps with this! Not only will they help you with the basic services most new residents need. They also will help tenants with renter’s insurance. This can easily be connected online through UtilityHound and only takes a couple minutes!

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How Can You Use UtilityHound?

If you’re in the Real Estate Industry (Realtor, Broker, Title Agent, Mortgage Agent, Property Management) you can easily visit their partner’s page. They’ll get you set up so you can easily refer your clients for home services connections assistance. Remember, connecting services doesn’t have to be inefficient and take hours upon hours. Let UtilityHound set up all these home connections services for your client in a matter of minutes. All while making you look like a Rockstar!