Home Connections Simplified

Moving to a deregulated area and Using a Home Services Concierge

Millions of Americans are moving each year across the United States. Many of them moving to or within a deregulated energy area. Shopping for services like electricity and natural gas can be confusing if you’re not using a home services concierge. Not only can they help you make a more educated decision when it comes to your utilities. They can also save you tons of time!

Home Services Concierge Save Time

Moving to a new state or city can be scary if you’re unfamiliar with that areas utility and service providers. The average person moving can spend up to 4-5 hours researching and then calling into call centers to connect their services. Electricity and gas can be some of the trickiest markets too. With electricity companies coming up with clever plans it’s very important you know how to break down an electricity rate!

A home services concierge can make moving into your new home easier than ever. They will provide you with electricity and gas options at your new home that’s located in a deregulated area. If you have questions representatives will be able to give you unbiased opinions on what plans are best for you. A home services concierge such as UtilityHound will also let you know when your contract is about to expire. This is nice for two reasons. The first, you don’t ever have to worry about your rate expiring and being automatically placed on a more expensive month-to-month plan. Second, their platform will provide you with the best options at the time you’re looking to renew. This saves you time every year when you need to renew your electricity and gas plans!

Other Services They Help With

If you’re in the process of moving. UtilityHound can also help connect other services outside of electricity and gas. As a full-service home services concierge, they work with hundreds of movers around the U.S. Have partnerships with all the major internet, TV, and home security providers. In some areas, they may even be able to assist with Re-Key and Rental Insurance. For more information on ways to simplify your move visit www.utilityhound.com

How Does the Process Work?

You’re probably thinking this sounds great! So, where or how can you utilize a home services concierge? UtilityHound provides all these services complimentary from their website www.utilityhound.com. Simply visit their website and start connecting your home services. After you’re done selecting the services you need set up at your residence. After checking out, you’ll get an automated email with all the pertinent information in regards to your plans.

Does It Cost Money?

UtilityHound is a 100% complimentary service. Meaning you don’t pay a penny for using their home services concierge platform. The partnerships they have with all their providers allows them to get a one-time fee for the options you select. Making this a win-win for all parties. You the customer can utilize UtilityHound’s fully transparent platform. Pick the providers and plan(s) that are best for you. No more calling into multiple providers and their call centers, only to be upsold on products you don’t want or need.