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Best Satellite TV Comparison To Consider!

Which satellite TV provider is best for you?  When you take a look on the surface, they all seem pretty similar and it can be hard to determine which is the best.  However, there isn’t a single provider that stands out as better than the rest, so let us help you make an educated decision on the differences and help you find the right service for you.

Satellite TV Comparison Options

Satellite is available nationwide, but there are a limited number of providers available. This also means more competition between those providers, leading to better deals and offers for consumers. When comparing these satellite providers, it’s important to determine which features and options are most important to you.

  1. Is DVR a must? Consider the following:
    • DVR Costs – Is there an extra monthly fee or is it included in your package?
    • Recording Limitations – What is the maximum number of shows that can be recorded simultaneously? Can you watch live TV while another show is being recorded? Do all shows have to be recorded from the main TV box, or can you record from any TV that is connected to the satellite service?
    • Recording Capacity – How many recordings can the DVR store at one point in time before it requires you to start deleting?
  2. Are you a sports fanatic? Certain providers offer sports channels as a default in their basic packages, where others offer sports add-ons at an additional cost.
  3. Do you value customer service over the features and pricing available to you? The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies to satellite as well. Lower prices can equate to lower quality customer service. However, you may be the type of person who never calls into customer service and doesn’t expect this to be an issue.
  4. Is on-demand your biggest priority? Consider the size of their on-demand library, how often is it updated, and how easy is it to use.
  5. International or Spanish programming – Some providers have a better selection of programming options over others.

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What’s Required to Sign Up With Satellite TV?

Keep in mind that all satellite tv providers will require a two-year contract and you must either own the home or have permission from your landlord to install a satellite dish. The providers require a two-year contract because they have promotions that offer the equipment for free up-front, so they want to make sure that you keep the service for at least the amount of time to recoup their initial investment costs. Because of the two-year contract, will credit be an issue for you? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have bad credit, but perhaps you have little or no credit history.

Or even more relevant, perhaps you don’t want your credit checked at all. Make sure that the provider that you are interested in offers a no credit check option for you. Also an important note regarding this: when credit checks are bypassed, deposits are typically required to be paid on the front end, when you order the new service.

These are just some of the considerations to review when looking for a new satellite tv provider. And since no one provider is ultimately better than the other, it’s best to have an expert review your options and find the best provider for your needs and wants. Needing internet set up as well at your rural location? We’ve got you covered for that as well! Contact UtilityHound today for all your home services connections!