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Advances in technology have led to vast improvements in the home security features that are available to consumers today. In the past, your system included sensors on the doors and windows, plus perhaps a motion detector. And, the only way to know if there was a breach in your home was when you received a call from the security provider’s monitoring center. Now, not only do you have visuals in the home, plus control of Smart Home devices, you also have access to all of this on your smartphone or tablet. So what are the different types of alarm equipment available to you?


Door & Window Sensors – These basic types of equipment are still essential to have a safe and secure home.

Glass Break Sensors

An intruder could potentially bypass setting off your alarm should they break through a window and not trip the door or window opening sensors. However, a glass break sensor adds an extra layer of protection to avoid this issue.


Motion detectors are still frequently used as an extra sensor to add to the security from door and window sensors.


Fire/Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Not only do these sensors alarm you in the home with sirens, as would any non-monitored detector, but it also notifies your security provider via the monitoring service. The biggest benefit being that these detectors initiate an immediate response from your security provider as they contact the fire department, on your behalf at the first sign of an issue.

Freeze/Flood Detectors – Do you live in a cold climate where water pipes can burst due to freezing temperatures? Perhaps you live in an older home and the faucets and water connections are potentially corroded without your knowledge? Neither of these factors may even be relevant to your situation, but if you have self-connected water connections, such as to your washing machine, there’s a risk of flooding. Equipment that detects these hazards at the start of the issue can help prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your home.


Cameras are becoming a more commonly used. This is partially because of the value they add to your system and also because of the great prices offered in home security promotions.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras: The most basic types of cameras do exactly what you expect…allow you to view what’s happening live. Extra features that are also available include built-in motion sensors. These motion sensors automatically notify you and send you live feed when motion is detected. Imagine if you have a child that is expected to be home right after school while you are at work, then the camera notifies you when they arrive. Alternatively, if motion is detected outside of your home when you are in bed, you can quickly check to see if it’s a potential intruder without ever getting up.
Doorbell Cameras: When your doorbell rings, the camera shows you an instant picture of who is at the door. An added feature of this alarm equipment is that it has a microphone allowing you to communicate with your visitor.

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Smart Home Alarm Equipment

Integrate your light switches, lamps, outlets, and thermostat into your security system. This allows you to control your home from your phone, or even automate the various systems by programming lights or temperatures. Other types of alarm equipment that give you control of your home remotely include door locks and garage door openers. Never worry if you have left the home and forgot to close your garage door as you can monitor this on your smartphone.

Why Use A Utility Concierge to Set Up Your Home Security System?

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