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Realtor Marketing Ideas – Be the Go-To Agent

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You put a lot of time and effort into helping your clients find the right home to buy, or ensuring you can sell their home for the best price.  You want what is best for your client and do what it takes to make them happy.  Word of mouth and referrals are great ways to get your name out there, but how do you differentiate yourself amongst the other 2 million registered real estate agents1 in the United States?  What value do you add that other agents don’t that you can utilize in your realtor marketing?  Consider these questions and tips to help determine how you can adjust your realtor marketing to further expand your marketing efforts.

What Do You Do Differently From Other Agents?

Do you have expert knowledge in a specific area of real estate?  Use this to your advantage and target your realtor marketing efforts towards people who could benefit from this area of expertise.

Use Social Media, Marketing Ads, and attend Networking Groups

  • Be active on Social and ensure you have at least LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.  Regularly post and update these accounts to keep people engaged.  These a great free sources of getting your name and brand out there.
  • Some well-known sites, such as Realtor.com have paid realtor marketing available.  There are various marketing levels and plans available that can be used to fit your budget and needs.
  • Use email marketing to keep in touch with past clients and prospective clients.  Be sure to import your contacts from all sources (business cards, social media contacts, etc.).  Having a regular emailed newsletter is a great way to keep your information in front of people.  An added bonus with using this realtor marketing technique is that email open rates are much higher when emails are received from someone familiar.  In this case, your former clients are likely to open your emails, which keeps your name on their mind, and in turn, can lead to referrals.
  • Have a well-designed website and include online contact forms.  Contact forms serve as a quick and easy way for potential clients to reach out to you when they’re already on your website viewing information about you and your business.  You can also ask happy clients to leave reviews for you and post these reviews to your website.  Reviews offer a great source of independent validation.

Want A Free Value-Add Service That Will Help You Stand Out In Your Realtor Marketing Efforts?

UtilityHound offers a complimentary utility and home service connections service for your clients. This is a great value-add that you can incorporate into your Realtor Marketing. These services are free to both the client using the service and the real estate professional that refers their clients. You help the client find their home, why not add a service to your business that connects the home services for their move too?  We know how important it is to you that your client is taken care of in the best possible way, and our service not only continues to take care of them in this process, but we also put a priority on excellent customer service.  Check out our Partner Page to learn even more about our service and how you can use it to help your business and your clients.

Take these fresh ideas, apply them to your marketing strategy in 2018 and watch your business grow!