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Relo Tech has Made Moving Very Easy!

Do you conduct business within the moving or real estate industry? Whether you’re a realtor, property manager, property management firm, or a mortgage or title agent; you may have heard of relo tech. But what is it? Is their concept new or has it been around? There are many relo tech / relocation concierges to pick from online. Let’s take a look into the industry!

What Is A Relocation (relo tech) Concierge?

If you’re connected within the real estate/moving community you’ve likely become familiar with a concierge or relo tech (relotech) service. These companies make the moving process easier for families and individuals that are moving. The industry has been around for a while, close to a decade to be exact. Most of these companies have evolved from brokering single product lines such as cable tv and internet.

In 2010, the relo tech and/or concierge industry broke out in the Dallas, TX area. A few concierges took root and started working with real estate brokerages around the DFW metroplex. They educated agents on the need to use a utility concierge type of service to help clients easily connect their utilities at their new home. They made their money by brokering providers and their services. These “traditional concierges” would let new homeowners know what services were available at their location and then based upon who the homeowners chose, the concierge would receive a commission from that provider. This concept changed the way new residents would go about setting up new home services. No longer did people moving have to spend hours researching who was available at their home and then having to call into call centers to have these services connected.

With the industry concept gaining in popularity it was only a matter of time for Tech to become involved. Tech has helped many industries grow and has done amazing things for the relocation concierge / relo tech industry. Advancements have allowed a concierge to instantly see service providers at addresses, connect those services. Freeing residents from the headaches that come with setting up services on their own.

Do Relo Tech Companies Share Information With 3rd Parties?

Earlier we discussed how a traditional utility concierge acts as a broker and gets paid off the services selected by the new tenant or homeowner. This is where Updater (one of many relo tech companies) operates differently from most concierge type businesses. Most concierge type businesses do not share any information about your move to 3rd party providers, whether the information is personal, anonymized, or aggregated. Especially during an age where information sharing, by tech companies, has been consistently scrutinized in the news.

However, Updater takes a slightly different approach from the traditional concierge. They know your move information is very valuable to the brands that are involved with people moving, renting or setting up services. Companies want to know things like what are the current moving trends for example. Does Updater profit on sharing this information with these brands? We’re not 100% sure, but gathering data and sharing it is a major money maker in the tech industry.

An article from TechCrunch, back in 2014 when updater was starting to make a name for itself explained how Updater conducted their business. The TechCrunch article stated, “After all, moves often come with a big life transition like a new baby or a marriage. This type of data is super valuable to brands, and will be used (anonymized and aggregated) to make Updater a more informative experience while still providing value to brands.”


Are There Relocation Concierges That Won’t Share My Move Information?

Yes! There are many other concierges online, like UtilityHound, UtilityHound.com, that DO NOT share any aggregate and anonymous data related to your move with 3rd party providers. They believe in keeping the data between the resident and the companies the resident selects as their chosen service provider at their home. Customers information with these traditional concierges is used solely to initiate initial services, nothing else. Pretty cool, right? That should make people feel comfortable working with a relocation concierge.

Additionally, UtilityHound is PCI & DSS compliant. And, none of your personally identifiable information is stored in their system. It’s only used one time to initiate the providers/services residents select.  To make your move easier, visit UtilityHound, one of the most trusted, traditional relocation concierges!