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The Best Internet Providers in Crested Butte

Crested Butte Colorado is one of the most beautiful places to live. The lifestyle and outdoor activities are second to none! However, when it comes to internet provider types in Crested Butte, and who the best internet provider types in Crested Butte are, that can be tricky. We’ll discuss all your options allowing you to quickly and easily get your internet and tv connected in this beautiful Colorado mountain town.

The Best Internet Providers in Crested Butte

Internet options will be more limited than most people have in major cities. However, as small of a community as Crested Butte is, there are some good internet options. Pricing can vary company to company depending upon several factors. Residents should be aware of what those options are and where they are available. Once they’re armed with this information they will have the ability to select from several reputable companies.

Internet Provider Types in Crested Butte

There are several internet providers in Crested Butte. They offer several different options and speeds. The main internet options residents have to choose from are Cable, DSL, & Satellite. However, with many older internet lines being run in Crested Butte and Crested Butte South internet options can be limited.

For example, residents in Crested Butte South (CB South) that live further up the hill will need to go with a satellite internet provider. This is because the current Comcast and Century Link lines are only run through the bottom of the neighborhood. Satellite internet packages can be more confusing as they run off data usage and don’t normally offer unlimited internet data plans. So speak with a UtilityHound representative for more clarification.

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Who is The Best Internet Provider in Crested Butte?

If Spectrum is available at your location, then they are a fantastic option for internet in Crested Butte. They provide a relatively fast speed with unlimited data usage. Sometimes the internet speeds with Spectrum can reach up to 50-60 Mb at a very competitive price. If you’re residing in Crested Butte & Crested Butte South, then you may also have the option of signing up with Century Link. One thing to note is that with Century Link the internet speeds in Crested Butte often run between 15-20 Mb.

Crested Butte Satellite Internet

If there are no cable lines run by your house you will need to choose a Crested Butte Satellite Internet provider. Xtreme Internet, HughesNet, and Viasat (formerly Exede) are the Crested Butte Satellite internet options you can choose from. Satellite internet works differently from DSL or cable internet.

Xtreme Internet is a local Gunnison / Crested Butte internet provider. Their pricing may be more expensive than Spectrum or Century Link, however, they deliver a very fast satellite speed and its unlimited data use. This is very nice because most satellite internet provider in Crested Butte offer capped data amounts, not unlimited plans.

How to Connect Internet in Crested Butte

Connecting your Crested Butte internet provider has never been easier. This can easily be done online at UtilityHound.com. They will let you know exactly which Crested Butte internet providers are available. Simply select the provider and plan and you’re done! It’s that easy!

What About Crested Butte TV Providers?

If you’re also wanting television services started, no worries! There are two Crested Butte tv providers. Of the two Crested Butte tv providers Spectrum offers the only “cable tv” option. The other Crested Butte tv provider option would be to go with DirecTV, which provides satellite tv availability throughout the valley.

UtilityHound directly connects both of these services in the Gunnison, Crested Butte area. For more information on or to connect tv or internet providers in Crested Butte, please visit www.utilityhound.com or contact a representative at 888.959.0116.