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Free Alarm System Through HelpingHound

HelpingHound is always trying to come up with new innovative ways to help those in need. Making sure families are safe at their home is very important. One of HelpingHound’s programs is offering a free alarm system. Let’s see how people across the country can participate.

Free Alarm System Program

Through this program, HelpingHound, the charitable arm of UtilityHound, is providing a free alarm system to families in need across the country. With the hope that the system will allow those who feel uncomfortable in their home to once again feel safe! Because after all…is a home really a home, if you don’t feel safe there? Indivuduals must fall into several categories to qualify for a free alarm system. A few of the areas that qualify a struggling individual for a free alarm system are as follows:

Child Abuse

Domestic Violence

Repeated Crimes

Families with Special Medical Situations

A free alarm system can provide safety and stability for someone trying to get their life back on track. The HelpingHound program has been helping to rebuild communities & families, one home at a time. For more information visit our charity site or CALL A LIVE HelpingHound REPRESENTATIVE at 888.959.0116. Learn more today!