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Residential Alarm System Can Lower Your Home Insurance

Now you probably don’t need that many cameras! However, did you know that a residential alarm system can provide additional benefits outside or protecting your home and family? What most people don’t know is that a residential alarm system can lower your home insurance. When your home is broken into and you become the victim of a burglary, this often increases your home insurance premiums!

Here’s why you can lower your home insurance costs with a residential alarm system:

Home Burglaries and The Statistics

As they say, statistics don’t lie! Home burglaries occur in all types of situations…nice neighborhoods, poverty-stricken neighborhoods, at night, during the day, without people home, and with people home. According to Alarms.com, “there is a burglary in the U.S. every 13 seconds and there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66% of those being home break-ins”

They’ve also got some pretty astonishing numbers on houses being protected by a residential alarm system. They’ve stated, “Burglars are most attracted to homes that do not have a home security system, but only 17% of houses have a system in place. Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized.”

Lower Your Home Insurance With a Residential Alarm System

We’ve discussed several statistics, with the later showing how much a residential alarm system lowers your chances of being burglarized. Insurance companies are in the business of risk. If they know owning a residential alarm system makes their clients less likely to be broken into. Then they’re going to want to incentivize their clients to have them installed.

Many of the top national home insurance companies will offer clients up to 10-20% off their monthly premiums for showing proof of a residential alarm system. However, per USAA and possibly others, “The system must be centralized and linked to a 24-hour monitoring organization such as ADT or monitored by a personal mobile device.” Are you ready to lower your home insurance? I know I sure am!

What Type of Residential Alarm System is Right for You?

There are several types of packages most providers offer when it comes to selecting a residential alarm system. All of them will greatly decrease the chances of a potential break-in. Each package, as long as it comes with 24-7 monitoring, should also qualify to lower your home insurance. However, depending up your home’s needs, some will work better for your situation than others.

Basic Package

This package typically allows the user to have several (door & window) contacts installed, along with one motion sensor. The system is usually not wireless (Can be sometimes) and requires a home phone line for installation. It’s going to be the lowest cost option. So if money is tight, this would be the best option for you.

2nd Tier Package

These packages usually include additional door and window contacts. In addition, the system is usually wireless and comes with cellular phone functionality. The system can be controlled by most smartphones, allowing the user to arm or disarm the system from their phone. With this package, users can also receive alert messages from the alarm system.

Premium (Automation) Packages

These are the most advanced packages offered by residential alarm system companies. These packages will include the wireless and cell functionality. However, they will also usually include an indoor or outdoor camera, possibly a video doorbell, indoor light control functionality from your phone, motion sensors, and more window and door contacts. The smartphone functionality will also usually allow a user to check the views on his or her cameras, and adjust things like their home’s lights and air temperature while away. This can be a really nice feature for people that are at work during most of the day or those out of town on vacation.

Shop Residential Alarm Systems

Shopping for a Residential Alarm System Online

UtilityHound.com offers people around the country the ability to select a residential alarm system package online. They make the process very easy! Simply search for the providers that interest you. Next read through the descriptions on the packages, selecting the one that will work best for your needs. After you’ve made your selection, choose a preferred installation date, and then checkout. Its that simple…they’ll send you an email confirmation with all details pertaining to your plan and account. Lower your home insurance and protect your family in just a few minutes online! Visit UtilityHound.com or call (888) 959-0116 to speak with a representative today.