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6 Tips to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

Is your house too cluttered? Are you moving soon and your Movers Checklist suggested to get rid of some additional clutter. Do you want to hold a successful garage sale? Since you were a young child it’s likely your parents held a garage sale trying to get rid of some of the toys they purchased for you during different stages of your life. Hold a garage sale is a great way for you to get rid of items you no longer use and to put a little extra cash in your pocket at the same time.  Let’s discuss some tips to ensure your success!

Read a Movers Checklist and Plan for Your Successful Garage Sale

You’re already on track to organizing your home, so just continue that trend and organize your garage sale as well.  Being prepared and making a plan can help reduce stress and prevent oversights.  Some tasks to take care of and consider ahead of time include the following:

  • Create a list of items you are selling. Sure, you may have that list in your head, but what about your friend who is helping you layout the sale?  You don’t want them to accidentally grab your favorite bench because items that are being sold have been set on top for temporary storage.
  • Go to the bank…before the sale. You will need to have plenty of change on hand during the sale.  This includes even the smallest denominations of nickels, dimes, and quarters.  Although this is an important tip, it’s more important to remember that a trusted person who be watching the extra cash at all times during the sale.
  • Get price tags. Having a starting price listed on each item is a great way to keep your shoppers informed.
  • Supplies, Sort & group items, (Scheduling of Day)

Advertise (Craigslist, Yard Hopper, Yard Sale Search), yard signs

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to advertise your sale.  Some of the best advertising methods are actually quite simple to lead to a successful garage sale.  This includes Craiglist, local Facebook Groups or Marketplaces, a Yard Hopper, Yard Sale Search, and most importantly,https://www.craigslist.org/about/sites#US Yard Signs.  It’s best to place yard signs out the night before or the morning of the sale.  Also be sure to have plenty in the surrounding area and in all directions that deal hunters could be coming from.  Also, remember to make the signs very clear and visible.

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Work the crowd

Walk the fine line of being a pesky sales associate and the expert salesman.  Talk and engage with shoppers.  If you see someone showing interested in a certain item, then take the opportunity to talk to them about it and sell the item.

Price appropriately and offer deals

Paid quite a bit for that rug, but in reality, it’s now used, not quite as bright and vibrant as when you bought it new.  Keep this in mind when pricing your items and be reasonable when adding a price tag.  Consider offering deals throughout the sale as well.  Perhaps a shopper has started gathering multiple items and is contemplating additional purchases.  This is a prime opportunity to offload more stuff in one swoop, so offer the additional items at a discount.

Are you at the end of your sale and still sitting with several belongings?  Start slashing prices to help sell the remaining things.

Play some Music

Create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere that will entice those passing by and keep existing shoppers around longer.  This includes playing music, offering morning donuts, and perhaps having a water cooler with refreshing ice water for your patrons.

Be Safe

This tip seems like common sense, but it is important enough to reiterate anyway.  If you aren’t safe, then the garage sale isn’t successful.  Safety includes keeping an eye on your surrounds, have at least one person helping you during the sale, and always having a hand on the change box/drawer.

These simple tips are easy to put into action but will certainly help generate a successful garage sale.  Happy Selling!

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