Home Connections Simplified


Is your service really free and how is this possible?

Yes, we really offer our services free of charge. No matter how many utilities you need connected, we are always free. Of course we do have to pay our own bills, and we are able to to do this because we get paid by our vendors for sending them new clients. We are fortunate to have a large number of vendor partnerships and will never push one partner over the other. So no matter which service(s) you need, we can help. As a bonus, because our team acts as consultants, rather than salesmen, we can offer unbiased advice on which services to choose!

When should I contact you to start my services?

The earlier the better, even if you’re not planning to move for another month. We can also help if you are moving tomorrow! But please note that some providers can take 24-48 hours to initiate service.

I’m not moving, but want to see if I can get better rates on my existing services, can you help?

Yes, Home Utility Solutions can help you compare rates for your existing services. This is a great way to confirm that you’re not overpaying for your current services.

Isn’t it easier to just transfer my current utilities to my new house?

Due to our partnerships with service providers, it is better to shop the new rates and promotions rather than stay in your contracts for a long period of time. At the very least, allow us to shop around and provide you with the latest and greatest options in technology and pricing.

I usually do this myself. Why should I use your service?

Our goal is to save you time, money, plus the stress of doing the work yourself. All of this is done while providing excellent customer service and at no additional cost to you. If you have the option to simplify your life, why not let us help?

What types of services or utilities does your company help with?

We help you connect anything and everything you would need when moving to a new home. This includes, but is not limited movers, city utilities, electricity, water, gas, Internet, TV, home security/automation, phone, solar, pest control, locksmith, housekeeping, and much more.

I’m a very busy person; can I schedule an appointment?

Appointments are always accepted, but not required.

Do I get better deals if I use Home Utility Solutions?

Not only do you get the best deals offered, but often times, vendors provide exclusive deals for Home Utility Solutions customers.

What is your selection process for service providers?

We work with many nationally-recognized providers, many of whom are regulated. Additionally, we pre-screen all local providers to ensure you are comfortable with everyone providing services at your home.