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How to Switch Electricity Companies

Tired of your electricity rate going up upon your renewal every year? Do you live in a deregulated energy market? If so, you’re in luck and can switch electricity companies in a matter of minutes! With technology advancements switching companies has never been easier.

How to Switch Electricity Companies Online

UtilityHound.com will shop multiple providers and plans for you at the click of a button. They will let you know what company has the best rates and terms. Not only will they shop the rates for you upon your initial request to switch electricity companies. BUT…you can utilize their services to shop plans every year. Allowing you to get the best rate and plan year in and year out! Using services like this can save homeowners hundreds of dollars every year.

Electric companies make tons of money every year when clients forget to renew their contract. These electric companies will automatically place customers on what is usually a higher month to month plan. Customers usually go a few months before calling in to complain about their unusually high bill. Only to find out that their plan had expired months ago. The electric provider will then try to sell a customer on a higher rate than the introductory rate the initially had as a new customer. However, with UtilityHound they will do the shopping for you. Finding the best rates and plans that keep your electricity bill down.

I Just Moved Can I Get Out of My Old Contract?

In the State of Texas when you move households or apartments your contract can be void. The contract you enter with an electric provider in Texas is only valid at the address the contract was started at. This allows you to switch electricity companies with no penalty (early cancellation fee). Therefore, when you move to a new address you have two options. You may select a new provider and plan to start at your new address. However, if you’re happy with your current plan you can transfer it.

If you live in the North East it’s best to check with providers on your state’s laws. Note, that some companies will try and scare you into staying. If you feel like this is being done to you, the Public Utility Commission for your state can provide you with the rulings on being able to switch electricity companies penalty free.

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Should You Pay A Cancellation Fee?

If you’re wanting to switch electricity companies, but haven’t moved, and you’re still under contract. Paying a cancellation fee may be the only way out of the contract. Before you pay the cancellation fee, there are two things you should consider:

How Much Will You Save by Switching

Before Switching your electricity bill, you should do some homework. Calculate your current bill’s total fee by adding a couple of things together on your bill (TDSP Charges, Energy Charge, Base Charges, Etc.). Next, you should use your current monthly kilowatt hours and compare with the plan you’re looking to switch to. This will show you your cost savings with the new plan.

How Long is Your Current Contract Term

Once you have calculated the monthly savings you can earn by switching plans.  You’ll likely want to consider how many months are left on your current contract. If your contract is up in a couple months…it might be worth seeing your contract out before switching electricity companies. However, if you’ve still got a considerable amount of time left on the contract. Paying a cancellation fee might negate itself with the monthly savings you will receive from the new plan.

Avoid Being Upsold By Call Centers

If you’ve decided to switch electricity companies do your plan do diligence first. Call center employees receive a commission on the plans they sell. It’s in their general interest to offer you the most expensive plan. Additionally, most carriers will market their more expensive plans online since they know it’s a convenience for customers to not have to speak with an employee.

This is why UtilityHound truly is a great option. They provide all the available options at your specific location. Making everything very transparent and allowing you to pick the provider and plan that you feel comfortable with. If you’re looking to switch electricity companies online, visit www.utilityhound.com to save big!