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Apartment Marketing Ideas – How to Stand Out from Your Competitors

Apartment Marketing Ideas to Increase Occupancy Rates

So you have friendly staff, a nice complex, and great amenities, but so does the complex across the street.  How do you entice new tenants to move into one of your units rather than somewhere else?  We’ll discuss apartment marketing ideas you can utilize to stand out as the best apartment community for prospective tenants.

Offer A Utility Connections Service

Use a complimentary Utility Connection Service to help your new tenants connect all of their services. Most people like to feel like their getting something extra. Whether it’s some sort of deal or the ease of connecting services.  Plus, a move is time-consuming and can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming.  By offering free utility connections, your tenants have one less task. Allowing them to focus on their move into your complex.

UtilityHound is a complimentary utility connection service that you can learn more about and even partner with for your community.  Offering concierge-type services to help tenants connect their utilities and services is a great way to add value to your complex and ultimately stand out from the competing complexes.

Sponsor Local Events And Charities

Your complex should be involved within the community.  Involvement portrays the complex as being human, rather than a faceless corporation but also helps to get your name known.  So not only will you feel good about contributing to the community, but it’s a great networking method.

Allow Events to Be Hosted On-Site

Do you have a shared community room, outdoor space, or a large business center?  Offer up the space to outside businesses/organizations to host their meetings and events.  This is a great way to get more people into your complex.  You never know who is considering a move, and one of the attendees could be very interested in what they see.  Be mindful of how often events are held and how much time is being used up by outside entities. In addition, be considerate by limiting the availability to the current residents.  You certainly don’t want your existing residents to feel like your amenities are never available to them.  The goal is to have both enticed outsiders and happy current residents!

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Social Media

New college students, tenants, and prospective tenants like to be in the know.  Keeping them informed about events, activities, and happenings in the complex. Posting via social media is a great way to let them stay up-to-date.  You can also use social media for marketing by posting complex pictures and advertising any specials or deals for new renters.

Another way to use social media to your advantage would be to offer people discounts or other incentives if they “Like” your Facebook page or check-in on Facebook in your community.  This helps spread the news about your apartment complex faster and shows prospective tenants that people are enjoying, living at, or interested in living at your complex.  The more interest you can generate, the better.

Claim Your Google Business Page

This may seem simple, but it’s amazing to see how many businesses overlook this.  Be sure to claim your Google Business Page so that you have rights to edit and update it as needed.  It’s important to keep the information on this page up-to-date because the majority of online visitors pass by a business or community if they can’t easily access the information online.  If you claim your Google Business Page, you can also ensure that all information about the community is correct and accurate, making it easy for prospective tenants to contact your complex.

Join Your Local Apartment Association

Joining your local apartment association is a great way to get up-to-date information on the current resources and tools available to you.  Many apartment associations also offer training opportunities for staff. In addition, vendor programs are offered that help tenants sign up with services.  And, as an added bonus, as a member of the association, you’re listed in their directory which many prospective tenants look at when apartment searching.

Start implementing these apartment marketing ideas to help stand out from your competition and gaining a competitive edge over other complexes. For help connecting utilities visit our contact us page.  Until next time…Happy Marketing!