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Houston Prepaid Electricity Plans and Avoiding an Apartment Electricity Deposit

There are lots of things new Houston apartment tenants need to complete before moving into their new place. Getting your utilities connected is one of the most important! Houston prepaid electricity plans can be a great option if you’ve recently been asked to pay a deposit with an electric provider. Knowing more about the perks of these plans could help you from paying an unnecessary electricity deposit.

Why Were You Charged an Electricity Deposit?

Being told that you need to pay an electricity deposit can be frightening. It can also leave many new tenants in a frustrating situation. According to rent.com, “If a deposit is required, the amount could vary widely, as there are no strict regulations on what service providers and landlords can charge.” However, there may be several reasons you’re being asked to pay an electricity deposit. The most common are as follows:

No Established Credit

If you’ve recently graduated from high school, and have moved into an apartment, you likely haven’t established any credit. This is the main cause for young adults being charged deposits when they need to get their electricity set up. Also,  If you don’t use credit cards and typically pay for most things with cash. This can also be another reason your credit may not be established and an electricity deposit is being asked.

Poor Credit

If you have credit but have a track record of not paying your balances off in time. Or have had issues with payments for other personal things. This can be a flag to an electric provider to charge you an electricity deposit. They want to limit their liability of you possibly not paying them by charging the deposit upfront.

Late Payments with a Previous Electric Provider

Paying your bills late or not paying them at all with an old electric provider is the last common reasoning for being presented with an electricity deposit. When you don’t pay electric bills on time or at all this information is available to all electric providers. So make sure you pay your electric bills!

How Can Houston Prepaid Electricity Plans Help?

If you’ve recently been told to pay an electricity deposit from a provider, don’t worry! You have options. Houston prepaid electricity plans are a great alternative. You’re probably wondering, how do Houston prepaid electricity plan work? Have Houston prepaid electricity plans been around for a while? Are Houston prepaid electricity plans easy to use? Let’s take a peek at what makes this electricity option so desirable.

No Electricity Deposit

The best thing about Houston prepaid electricity plans is that there are never deposits required. The way the plan is set up allows for retail electric providers (REP) not to take on risk with their customers. Making it a win-win situation for both parties.

No Credit Check or Social Security Number Required

No social security number is required to start service on Houston prepaid electricity plans. Additionally, they don’t run any type of credit check. So, if you have bad credit, don’t worry, because they won’t check it.

No Long Term Contract

Another benefit Houston prepaid electricity plans offer is that there is no long-term contract associated with them. This means that you can switch providers at any time without having to worry about paying an early termination fee.

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How Houston Prepaid Electricity Plans Work

Houston prepaid electricity plans (pay as you go plans) are very simple! You simply load an initial amount to your account, say $50…Then as you start using electricity at your apartment, the usage will pull from the initial $50 you put down. Once your balance is close to being used up the electric provider (REP) will send a text message or email notifying you that you need to place more funds in your account. At that time, you simply add more money to your account so your electricity stays on. Easy, right?

How to Sign Up with A Houston Prepaid Electricity Plan

UtilityHound offers prepaid electricity plans online in both English and Spanish. You can visit their website www.utilityhound.com or can speak directly with a representative at 888.959.0116. Within a matter of minutes, they can get Houston prepaid electricity plans started. Allowing you to focus on the rest of your move!