Just because you don’t own the place that you’re living in, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be protected.  There are many reasons Why You Need a Home Security System, and being a renter doesn’t have to affect your ability to solve these problems.  You will want a company that will call for help on your behalf at all hours in case of a break-in, fire, and even medical emergency.  Sure, there are certain benefits of an alarm system that are specific to a homeowner, but you will also benefit as a renter.  Regardless of your reasons for renting, you are not alone in the rental market, and security ultimately affects you the same as a homeowner.  So, we’ll look to see what your options are and how you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings.

Why do home security companies choose not to install systems to renters?

The biggest reason security companies don’t allow renters to use their service is because the renter doesn’t have final say in what can or can’t be done in a home.  The security company doesn’t want to receive a complaint from a homeowner because their tenant has installed a system without their knowledge.  Because of this concern, it’s important that before you install any system, you receive approval from your landlord prior to installation.  Another reason companies steer clear of renters is that renters don’t typically stay in one home for the longterm.  Fortunately, there are still security solutions available if you plan to move in the near-term.

Factors to consider when purchasing home security for renters

As previously mentioned, approval from your landlord is a must.  To ensure that you are compliant with your lease terms and to make sure there is no friction in the landlord/tenant relationship, be sure your landlord approves you installing a security system in the home.

Make sure the system equipment and monitoring plan is transferrable.  You need to make sure that there are no penalties for transferring your plan.  You also want to ensure that the equipment can move with you, so that you’re not forced to purchase new equipment, even if they allow you to transfer the  monitoring plan.

An additional consideration would be to have flexibility with adding equipment to the plan at a future date.  You will want to customize a package with equipment that you need for your current home, but also have the ability to add-on additional equipment as your needs change with future moves.

Fortunately there are providers that do allow renters to install their system and they also allow the system to be transferred when/if you move.  Contact us to find out which providers will work in your situation.

Tips for a safer rental home

Meet your Neighbors: Even if you don’t plan on living there forever, it’s good to have friendly faces nearby who can also serve as extra sets of eyes watching your place.

Renters Insurance: Regardless of where and how you live, having renter’s insurance financially protects your stuff.  There are affordable insurance options that can help cover the cost of stolen or damaged items.